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Improving Photon UI

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Photon is a massive undertaking to overhaul the EVE User Interface. The current UI is functional, so many players have asked why we chose to embark on a large project like this.During its twenty year development, EVE has seen many features, all with specific user interface needs.

Some of these features have pushed the UI into new territory, exploring new ways to improve the interface, but not always with an established design language in mind.

This has made parts of the UI less than cohesive, even confusing, and difficult to master. In addition, maintaining many UI styles is ineffective, leading to increased development time.Last year saw the formation of a dedicated User Experience team, whose primary responsibility would be the in-space experience of EVE Online.

As EVE’s user interface allows access to nearly every feature while in space, there was a lot to consider. Efficiency and sustainability need to be considered, not only from a development and technology point of view, but also on a user experience level.

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